Notable International House Alumni

Photo Name Time at I-House Accomplishments
Alberto Pedro Calderón (1920-1998) 1949, 1950, 1960 PhD’50; National Medal of Science: Mathematics & Computer Science, 1991; Partial Differential Equations Contributions To Studies Of Harmonic Analysis Pure Mathematics
Walter Fred Berns, Jr. (1919-2015) 1951 AM'51, PhD’53; Faculty, 1984, 1989; National Humanities Medal, 2005
Mary Ann Glendon 1959 AB’59, JD’61, MCL’63; National Humanities Medal 2005
James Mercer Langston Hughes (1902-1967) 1949 Author, Poet, Playwright; Leader of the Harlem Renaissance
John B. Goodenough 1946-51 SM’50, PhD’52; Nobel laureate in Chemistry 2019; Credited with the identification and development of the lithium-ion battery; Awards: 2011 National Medal of Science, the Japan Prize in 2001 and the Enrico Fermi Award in 2009
John Payne Mitchell 1955 PhD'55; former Director, General Civil Services of Liberia and the first African student to earn a PhD from the University of Chicago
(George William) Senteza Kajubi (1926-2012) 1952-1955 SM'55; Director, National Institute of Education at Makerere University College (1964-77) and first African Fulbright Scholar to the United States
Zalmay Khalilzad PhD'79; U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan (2003-05), Iraq (2005-07), and the United Nations (2007-09)
Frances O. Kelsey (1914-2015) 1939-41 PhD'38, MD'50; Pharmacologist responsible for detecting Thalidomide danger
Deane R. Hinton (1914-2015) 1942-43 AB'43; U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador (1981-83), Pakistan (1983-86), Costa Rica (1987-90), and Panama (1990-94)
James Hoge 1958-59 AM'59; Editor-in-Chief and publisher of the Chicago Sun-Times (1958-84) and Chairman of the Board of the Human Rights Watch (2010-13)
A.W. Clausen (1923-2013) 1943-44 President and CEO of the Bank of America (1970-81) and President of the World Bank (1981-86)
Ray Scherer (1919-2000) 1946-47 AM'47; NBC correspondent and Vice President of RCA (1975-86)
Arthur W. Hummel, Jr. (1920-2001) 1947-49 AM'49; U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan (1977-81) and the People's Republic of China (1981-85)
Enrico Fermi (1901-1954) 1940 & 1942 Nobel laureate in Physics, 1938
Hastings K. Banda (1898-1997) Summer 1933 PhB'31; President of Malawi (1966-94)
Chen Ning Yang 1946-50 PhD'48; Nobel laureate in Physics, 1957; National Medals of Science: Behavioral & Social Science, 1986
Daniel Tsui 1961 SM'63; PhD'67; Nobel laureate in Physics, 1998
George Stigler (1911-1991) 1933-36 PhD'38; Nobel laureate in Economic Sciences, 1982; National Medals of Science: Behavioral & Social Science, 1987
Thomas Sowell 1959 PhD'68; Economist; Winner of the National Humanities Medal, 2002; Senior Fellow in the Hoover Institution, Stanford University (1980-present)
Myron Scholes 1962 MBA'64, PhD'70; Nobel laureate in Economic Sciences, 1997
Bernard Sahlins (1921-2013) 1941 AB'43; Co-founder of comedy troupe Second City
David Rockefeller (1915-2017) 1938-39 PhD'40; Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank (1969-81); University trustee
Roderick W. Pugh (1919-2010) 1946-49 PhD'49; Clinical Psychologist; Diplomat, American Board of Professional Psychology
Marjorie Holloman Parker (1916-2006) 1938 AM'51, PhD'51; Presidential appointee to City Council in Washington, D.C.
Sara Paretsky 1968 AM'69, MBA'77, PhD'77; Author of V.I. Warshawski detective novels
Robert Mulliken (1896-1986) 1956 PhD'21; Nobel laureate in Chemistry, 1966
Omar Ramadhan Mapuri 1984 AM'85; Minister of Education and Minister for Home Affairs of the United Republic of Tanzania
Tsung-Dao Lee 1946-49 PhD'50; Nobel laureate in Physics, 1957
Chimere Ikoku (1928-2002) 1949-51 SM'52, PhD'64; Former Vice Chancellor of the University of Nigeria; pan-Africanist; anti-apartheid advocate
Donald Hopkins 1963 MD'66; Director of health programs at the Carter Center; former Deputy Director of International Health, Centers for Disease Control; recipient of the MacArthur fellowship award
Warren E. Henry (1909-2001) 1938-41 PhD'41; Physicist and professor in magnetism and superconductivity; developed video amplifiers used in portable radar systems on warships in World War II; his demonstration of the proof of non-interacting paramagnetic ions is used in a number of physics texts
Nathan Hare 1954-55 AM'57, PhD'62; Author, activist, and sociologist; founding publisher of The Black Scholar, then dubbed "the most important journal devoted to black issues since the Crisis" by the New York Times
Katharine Meyer Graham (1917-2001) 1936-38 AB'38; Former chairman of the executive committee of the Washington Post; Pulitzer Prize winner for her memoir Personal History, 1998; Presidential Medal of Freedom, 2002
Martin Gardner (1914-2010) 1934 AB'36; Former author and columnist of 'Mathematical Games" in the magazine Scientific American
Thomas Frank 1988-89 AM'89, PhD'94; Author, journalist, and columnist for the Wall Street Journal
Luther H. Foster (1913-1994) 1940-1941, 1949 AM'41, PhD'51; Former President of Tuskegee Institute (1953-1981)
James Watson Cronin (1931-2016) 1954 SM'53, PhD'55; University Professor Emeritus in Physics; Nobel laureate in Physics, 1980; National Medal of Science: Physical Sciences, 1999
Luis Alvarez (1911-1988) 1965 SB'32, SM'34, PhD'36; Nobel laureate in physics, 1968; National Medal of Science: Physical Sciences, 1963