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Thu., Feb. 18, 2021

Axiom Brass Quintet

Join International House and The Department of Music at the University of Chicago as we host the Axiom Brass Quintet for a virtual performance. With programs ranging from jazz and Latin music to transcriptions of string quartet repertoire and original compositions for brass quintet, Axiom Brass has been delighting audiences of all ages for more than a decade.

Sun., Feb. 21, 2021

Cultural Sunday: Ethical Dilemmas - Mahabharata and Modern Day

Join International House as we partner with Kalapriya Center for Indian Performing Arts for the Cultural Sundays Series. For this program, Dr. Gowri Ramnarayan, our master storyteller, lays out the dilemmas faced by the characters in the Mahabharata and starts a conversation with you into insights for similar dilemmas we face today.

Tue., Feb. 23, 2021

14th Annual Tetsuo Najita Distinguished Lecture in Japanese Studies ft. Mary Brinton

Join International House and the Center for East Asian Studies as we welcome Mary Brinton for the 14th Annual Tetsuo Najita Distinguished Lecture. Over the past three decades, the Japanese government has enacted a series of measures to boost the country’s anemic birth rate. Nevertheless, the birth rate has hovered around 1.4 children per woman, far below what is required for the population to reproduce itself. Why haven’t the policies worked? Hear Professor Brinton argue that policies focused on trying to make women’s work lives more like men’s have fundamentally missed the mark. Not only have such policies failed to raise the birth rate, they have also arguably exacerbated gender inequality. Professor Brinton suggests that future government and workplace policies move in a different direction.

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